The City Clerk is appointed by the Board of Aldermen to perform the following duties:

  • Keep the official minutes and seal. Sec. 21-15-17 : (SEC. 21-3-3)
  • Keep the municipal docket (agenda). Sec. 21-15-19
  • Keep ordinance record book Sec. 21-13-13
  • Municipal Auditor: Keeps the accounting records. Sec. 21-15-21
  • Receipt all money. Sec. 21-15-21
  • Keeps budget records. Sec. 21-35-11
  • Make monthly budget report to the board. Sec. 21-35-13
  • Keep money (when no depository). Sec. 21-39-19
  • Keep accounting records and records of claims. Sec. 21-39-5
  • Keeps claims docket. Sec. 21-39-7
  • Keep credit card records Sec. 21-39-27
  • Prepares and attests to warrants (checks). Sec. 21-39-13
  • Administer oaths. Sec. 11-1-1
  • Serve as Municipal Court Clerk (if not appointed). Sec. 21-23-11
  • Serve as election registrar (including county). Sec. 23-15-35/223
  • Give notice of special elections. Sec. 23-15-857/859
  • (As Tax Collector) Collect taxes. Sec. 21-33-53
  • (As Tax Collector) Refund taxes. Sec. 27-73-7
  • All other statutory duties (not listed).
  • The varied responsibilities are set forth in detail within the Mississippi Code of 1972.

Quitman’s City Hall consists of the City Clerk, Deputy City Clerk/Court Clerk, Deputy City Clerk Utilities. Business conducted at City Hall includes the collection of City taxes, water, sewer, and garbage bills.